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Ask A Woman: She Has Feelings For An Ex - Part 2

Ask A Woman: She Has Feelings For An Ex - Part 2

in Ask A Woman by Marci
Dear BC, I'm dating a girl, we're in love, and we have both stated that we want to be married and that we have never felt a love like this in our lives. We have talked extensively about marriage, our futures, and how strong our love is for each other. Now, we were moving forward with engagement (ring purchasing, talking to parents) and out of the blue, she told me that she has feelings for her… Read More

Essentials: Bowling (In Under Five Minutes)

in Sports by Ray
Bowling is a great sport. Not only is it a great date atmosphere, but you can continue playing the sport for your entire life. Although the sport is pretty simple at its core (roll the ball, hit pins, repeat) there are some things you should know before you get out to the lanes. So let's get started on a few simple things you should know about the sport of bowling. There are really only two… Read More
Diary Of Your Pregnant Wife: 5 Things Not To Say To Her

Diary Of Your Pregnant Wife: 5 Things Not To Say To Her

in From A Girl's Perspective by Laura
Five Things You Shouldn't Say to Your Pregnant Wife You are trying your best to make your pregnant wife happy. So why do you always seem to say the wrong thing? Here's a guide of some well-intentioned comments that may end up doing more harm than good. Even better, I've given you some always-acceptable replacements! 1) Don't say: "You don't even look pregnant!" She hasn't been able to button her… Read More
Was There A "Rocky Balboa" G.I. Joe Figure?

Was There A "Rocky Balboa" G.I. Joe Figure?

in Nerd Stuff by Ray
The 80's were pretty awesome, and two prime examples of that are Rocky Balboa and GI Joe. Yes, I know Rocky came out in the 70's, but it was huge in the 80's. Except for the 5th movie (the one that doesn't count), and from this day forward we will not mention it again at Bro Council Headquarters. Luckily, Rocky Balboa made up for that horrible excuse for a movie. Now to the exciting part: the… Read More
Beard Team USA 2011 Championship Documentary

Films: 2011 Beard Team USA National Championships

in Bro Council Stuff by Ray
Beard Team USA was an amazing inspiration for Bro Council's first full length documentary. In honor of our fan-base of beards, we decided to re-post the video that kick-started our dedication to bearding at Bro Council. The Background Back in 2011, Bro Council visited Lancaster, PA to check out the Beard Team USA National Championships. Two of Bro Council's own, Ray (myself) and guest judge… Read More
Winning Over Your Boyfriend's Friends - A Girl's Perspective

Winning Over Your Boyfriend's Friends - A Girl's Perspective

in From A Girl's Perspective by Guest Poster
OK ladies, we’ve all been there…you meet a guy; he’s tall, handsome, funny, and smart. He may even be described as “dreamy!” Everything about him is all you’ve ever wanted right? You spend every ounce of spare time with him in the beginning, just you and him taking long walks on the beach, picking wildflowers, and star-gazing…that sort of thing. Time stands still. But wait! Then it hits you.… Read More

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