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Why Do Guys Like All You Can Eat Buffets?

Why Do Guys Like All You Can Eat Buffets?

in From A Guy's Perspective by Ray
I'm going to start off this column by saying something that needs to be said: all you can eat buffets are not filled with amazing food. They have old food sitting under warmers, the meat tends to be the fatty leftovers that didn't make a McDonald's McNugget, and that being said, we as guys tend to love them. But why? As the editor for Bro Council I took on the burden of figuring this out. So I… Read More
5 Rules Of Friendship That Every Guy Should Follow

5 Simple Rules Of Friendship That Every Guy Should Follow

in Bro Council Rules by Ray
We've done several articles on the rules we should all live by as men, but today may be the most important. As guys, we all have heard about the "Guy Code," but that typically only involves rules that are trying to keep men out of trouble with women. We wanted to look at the Male Friendship Code today even though we couldn't think of a better name than that. The MFC is a guide to how men should… Read More
Throwback Friday: Jason McElwain

Throwback Friday: Jason McElwain's Inspirational Shot

in Throwback Friday by Ray
It's Friday, so that means a "new" classic throwback video from the internet archives. Although we usually post funny things, we love this video of Jason McElwain's inspirational shot in basketball. The Story In 2006, Jim Johnson was the basketball coach for Greece Athena High School and he decided to add Jason to the roster a game against Spencerport High School. Jason was born with autism, and… Read More
Ask A Woman - What Are The Best Pickup Lines?

Ask A Woman: The Best Pickup Lines?

in Ask A Woman by Emily
If there was something that a guy could "Ask A Woman" to make her want to go on a date without fail, what would that something be? Tony Emily's Take: There's no magic question that will work on all ladies. We're all different and have different things that we're interested in. For me, I think it is important that a guy I'm chatting up is interested about me and doesn't make me carry the… Read More
Running: Picking The Right Shoes

Running: Picking The Right Shoes

in Health and Fitness by Erin R.
Now that you're ready to run, let's start with the most basic of all running needs, the right shoes. This is the area that every new runner tries to cut corners in. So go ahead if you're feeling brave and buy those flashy new shoes from the sports store or online retailer, but be prepared for the possible blisters and injuries that might be headed your way. When I decided to become a runner, I… Read More
Throwback Friday: Backin Up' Lady REMIX

Throwback Friday: The Backin Up' Lady Remixed

in Throwback Friday by Ray
We love the mid-west! Where else could you get a witness to a robbery that sounds like this? Diana Radcliff walked into a convenience store in Kansas City, Missouri on September 1, 2010 and she witnessed a failed robbery attempt. Radcliff fell to the floor as her friends/amigos behind the counter started shooting at the criminals as they ran out of the building. Luckily, everyone was safe and she… Read More

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