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The Top 10 Sites To Check Out (That You May Not Know Of)

Top 10 Best Random Sites To Check Out On The Internet

in Tech by Ray
As a Bro Council reader, you probably have impeccable taste in the websites that you frequent. But what if there were some sites that you didn’t know about that you should be visiting? Well, then it’s a good thing that you’re reading this article. Here is a list of the Top 10 Sites To Check Out That You May Not Know Of: 1. Atari Online Games - atari.com/arcade Classic Atari games? Check. Free?… Read More
Throwback Friday: The Creepy Colonel Sanders KFC Commercial

Throwback Friday: The Creepy Colonel Sanders KFC Commercial

in Throwback Friday by Ray
This week on Throwback Friday we have a video that may haunt your dreams for years. Sorry about that. The Background Colonel Sanders was famously known as the face of KFC, the chicken giant that he started in 1930. We've always thought the white suit and awesome facial hair was pretty endearing, but they found a way to make him look like the second coming of Hannibal Lecter in this commercial… Read More
Podcast - Non-Basketball NBA Fantasy Starting Five Draft

Podcast: Non-Basketball NBA Fantasy Starting Five Draft

in Bro Council Stuff by Ray
Episode 22 of the Bro Council Podcast is live! In this episode, Ray and Matt choose their All-Star NBA team featuring only one former NBA player for each team. All other players can be picked from world leaders, musicians, and other athletes. Check out our latest fantasy draft! Today's Hosts: Matt Truck - Bro Council Writer Ray Abel - Bro Council President Today's Topics: NBA Fantasy Draft Ray's… Read More
Daddy Chronicles: Leaving A Legacy

Daddy Chronicles: 5 Ways To Leave A Legacy With Your Kids

in From A Guy's Perspective by Marv Nelson
The other day, I was hanging out with a college senior and we got on the topic of our families; he then said something I rarely hear college students say, especially young men. He said: "My father is my hero! I still hope to be like him when I grow up!" Many folks I happen to bump into on my journey have confessed a lack of closeness with their fathers, if their fathers were in their lives at… Read More
Ask A Woman: She Has Feelings For An Ex - Part 2

Ask A Woman: She Has Feelings For An Ex - Part 2

in Ask A Woman by Marci
Dear BC, I'm dating a girl, we're in love, and we have both stated that we want to be married and that we have never felt a love like this in our lives. We have talked extensively about marriage, our futures, and how strong our love is for each other. Now, we were moving forward with engagement (ring purchasing, talking to parents) and out of the blue, she told me that she has feelings for her… Read More

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