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Review - Monster iSport Super Slim

Review: Monster iSport Super Slim Wireless Headphones

in Tech by Ray
We have been on a search for the best wireless Bluetooth headphones for a while now. It's difficult, right? Sometimes they don't fit well and fall out when you're running, often times they sound terrible, and other times they simply have a thick wire attached to giant boxes that more closely resemble a min-fridge than something that should be put in your ear. We stumbled upon the iSport Super… Read More
Diary Of Your Pregnant Wife: 5 Things Not To Say To Her

Diary Of Your Pregnant Wife: 5 Things Not To Say To Her

in From A Girl's Perspective by Laura
Five Things You Shouldn't Say to Your Pregnant Wife You are trying your best to make your pregnant wife happy. So why do you always seem to say the wrong thing? Here's a guide of some well-intentioned comments that may end up doing more harm than good. Even better, I've given you some always-acceptable replacements! 1) Don't say: "You don't even look pregnant!" She hasn't been able to button her… Read More
Why All Dudes Should Grow A Beard: A Girl's Perspective On Facial Hair

Why All Guys Should Grow A Beard - A Girl's Perspective On Facial Hair

in From A Girl's Perspective by Caitlin Turk
When I was younger, I would always see my dad stroking his beard while reading a book. I didn't understand this. But, since he's my dad - I went ahead and began stroking my pathetic, hairless chin anyway. One day he caught me stroking my chin and asked "Caitlin, why are you doing that?" And I so nonchalantly replied: "Because Dad, it's not fair that you can grow a beard and I can't!" As this… Read More
The All-Pro United States Presidents Football Team

The All-Pro United States Presidents Football Team

in Sports by Jimmy Blundo
Recently, we began thinking about the athletic ability of our US Presidents here at Bro Council, and so I took it upon myself to create a full Offense and Defense of United States Presidents. The rules were simple; if I had to build an NFL football team, which Commander-in-Chiefs would best represent my fantasy team. Which president would make the best Quarterback? Who is punishing enough for our… Read More
A Guide To Getting A Tattoo

A Guide To Getting A Tattoo: What You Need To Know

in From A Guy's Perspective by Pat
So you want to get a tattoo? Now what? How do you pick a design, pick a place, and what do you look for? Who do you talk too? Not sure? Well you’re not alone so let me start from the beginning with a handy guide on what you should know. I have been wanting to get some new ink for a couple of years, but I was determined not to go back to the place I went before. Not because they did bad work, but… Read More
Was There A "Rocky Balboa" G.I. Joe Figure?

Was There A "Rocky Balboa" G.I. Joe Figure?

in Nerd Stuff by Ray
The 80's were pretty awesome, and two prime examples of that are Rocky Balboa and GI Joe. Yes, I know Rocky came out in the 70's, but it was huge in the 80's. Except for the 5th movie (the one that doesn't count), and from this day forward we will not mention it again at Bro Council Headquarters. Luckily, Rocky Balboa made up for that horrible excuse for a movie. Now to the exciting part: the… Read More

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