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Essentials: Easy Vehicle Appearance Upgrades

Essentials: Easy Vehicle Appearance Upgrades

in Cars by Ray
Getting a new car is (almost) always fun, once you get past the fact that you just laid out many thousands of dollars for something that will (almost always) only decrease in value. One of the things you can do to ease the pain in your wallet is buy buying a few things that won't cost much, but will make your car look much better. Plus, anytime you work on a vehicle and add your own touches it… Read More
Why All Dudes Should Grow A Beard: A Lady's Perspective On Facial Hair

Why All Guys Should Grow A Beard - A Girl's Perspective On Facial Hair

in From A Girl's Perspective by Caitlin Turk
When I was younger, I would always see my dad stroking his beard while reading a book. I didn't understand this. But, since he's my dad - I went ahead and began stroking my pathetic, hairless chin anyway. One day he caught me stroking my chin and asked "Caitlin, why are you doing that?" And I so nonchalantly replied: "Because Dad, it's not fair that you can grow a beard and I can't!" As this… Read More
Memorial Day - Thank You Veterans

Memorial Day - Thank You For The Ultimate Sacrifice

in Bro Council Stuff by Ray
Happy Memorial Day. This is not a post to make you feel guilty for enjoying your day off of work and your picnics. I know I will take full advantage of the pool, my Harley, and a picnic with friends on this beautiful day. Just remember why we have the ability to enjoy these things: the veterans and current military members who have sacrificed their lives, and continue to sacrifice, for our… Read More
Throwback Friday: Jason McElwain

Throwback Friday: Jason McElwain's Inspirational Shot

in Throwback Friday by Ray
It's Friday, so that means a "new" classic throwback video from the internet archives. Although we usually post funny things, we're posting this video of Jason McElwain's inspirational shot in basketball in honor of Autism Awareness Month. The Story In 2006, Jim Johnson was the basketball coach for Greece Athena High School and he decided to add Jason to the roster a game against Spencerport High… Read More
5 Rules Of Friendship That Every Guy Should Follow

5 Simple Rules Of Friendship That Every Guy Should Follow

in Bro Council Rules by Ray
We've done several articles on the rules we should all live by as men, but today may be the most important. As guys, we all have heard about the "Guy Code," but that typically only involves rules that are trying to keep men out of trouble with women. We wanted to look at the Male Friendship Code today even though we couldn't think of a better name than that. The MFC is a guide to how men should… Read More

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