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6 Rules For The Workplace Bathroom (The Code Of Ethics)

6 Rules For The Workplace Bathroom (The Code Of Ethics)

in Bro Council Rules by Sam Dobrotka
If you're a regular reader, you'll know that we've done several articles on the rules we should all live by. Today we take a look at the 6 rules in the Workplace Bathroom Code of Ethics. Follow these rules, and your co-workers will respect and love you. All you have to do is follow these 6 simple rules of the Workplace Bathroom: 1. Do not acknowledge people. This includes eye contact, greetings,… Read More
Review - Monster iSport Super Slim

Review: Monster iSport Super Slim Wireless Headphones

in Tech by Ray
We have been on a search for the best wireless Bluetooth headphones for a while now. It's difficult, right? Sometimes they don't fit well and fall out when you're running, often times they sound terrible, and other times they simply have a thick wire attached to giant boxes that more closely resemble a min-fridge than something that should be put in your ear. We stumbled upon the iSport Super… Read More
Ask A Woman: Do Girls Like Beards

Ask A Woman: Do Girls Like Beards?

in Ask A Woman by Emily
How do I find a girl who's into beards? I have one (a beard - not a girl), and I feel like most girls don't like them. Is that true? -RJ Emily's Take: The good news is that I know women that do find beards attractive but it is going to take all of my strength to not offer you advice that simply states "shave your beard." I fall into the category of women that do not like kissing men with beards.… Read More
2015 Brutally Honest Pittsburgh Penguins Offseason Grades

2015 Brutally Honest Pittsburgh Penguins Offseason Grades

in From A Guy's Perspective by Dan Snyder
We just had the NHL Draft, and right about now Penguins fans are tucking themselves in for a long summer’s nap, with visions of the 46th pick dancing in their heads. Why the 46th? Once again, they traded away their first round pick without much to show for it (though at least this prevents them from drafting another puck-moving defenseman). I’m going to grade the players on their performance in… Read More
Throwback Friday - Boom Goes The Dynamite

Throwback Friday: Boom! Goes The Dynamite

in Throwback Friday by Ray
Brian Collins was covering the March 22, 2005 game between the Indiana Pacers and the New Jersey Nets - and it was a horrible performance. Millions of people have seen this video, but not everyone knows the story behind it, so here it is. The Background Collins agreed to be on Ball State University's college newscast because the regular sportscaster was ill. The teleprompter worked, but a new… Read More

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