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Man vs. Cube: The Different Office Personalities

Man vs. Cube: The Different Office Personalities

in From A Guy's Perspective by Jimmy Blundo
This one goes out to all of the Cube Heads out there - that's right, I said Cube Heads. No longer am I going to let us be condescended upon by that awful term Cube "Monkeys". It is such a blatant derivative of an animal that loves routine and lacks thought, we're more than that. No, no, no, from here on out we are to be referred to as "Cube Heads" an obvious relation to our Rock star brother, the… Read More

Essentials: Building A Gaming PC

in Tech by Ray
We decided to build the ultimate gaming PC, and we want you to win it! You can just click here to enter: SORRY, THE CONTEST ENDED ON 11-15-2015! Here's what we have in the rig: Processor Intel i7-4770 Fan Controller 1st PC CW611 Graphics Card Nvidia Titan X HDMI Cables BlueRigger SSD Kingston HyperX Savage USB Cables Micro SATA Cables RAM 32GB UPS CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD Case Antec… Read More
Ask A Woman: Why Are Women's Restrooms Nicer?

Ask A Woman: Why Are Women's Restrooms Nicer?

in Ask A Woman by Rachel
Hey there, Rachel. I feel like I know you because you're on the site. I was wondering if you could answer my all-time girl question: Is the women's restroom that much nicer than a guy's restroom, and if it is...why? Thank you, and good job on the site - you guys are funny. -Tyler Dear Tyler, Thanks for your kind words. A lesson to all readers, blatant flattery is DEFINITELY one way to get your… Read More

Essentials: What To Buy With Your New DSLR Camera

in Tech by Ray
So you just got a new DSLR Camera from Nikon, Canon, or Pentax as a gift (or as one of your more expensive impulse buys). Congratulations! Cameras are fun, can capture some great memories, and also give you an excuse to buy some incredibly cool accessories for them. That's where we come in. We have tried a lot of different gear, and we have a lot of gear sitting on shelves that we just don't… Read More
Review - Monster iSport Super Slim

Review: Monster iSport Super Slim Wireless Headphones

in Tech by Ray
We have been on a search for the best wireless Bluetooth headphones for a while now. It's difficult, right? Sometimes they don't fit well and fall out when you're running, often times they sound terrible, and other times they simply have a thick wire attached to giant boxes that more closely resemble a min-fridge than something that should be put in your ear. We stumbled upon the iSport Super… Read More
A Mother's (Continuing) Story Of Autism

A Mother's (Continuing) Story Of Autism

in From A Girl's Perspective by Marci
April is autism awareness month, and we hope that this continuing story of a mother of a child with autism will help people understand more about life with autism. I’m going to take a moment and be one of “those moms.” You know, the ones that talk endlessly about their kids and how wonderful they are, even though no one really wants to hear it. Well, bear with me while it is my turn. My son,… Read More

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