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The All-Pro United States Presidents Football Team

The All-Pro United States Presidents Football Team

in Sports by Jimmy Blundo
Recently, we began thinking about the athletic ability of our US Presidents here at Bro Council, and so I took it upon myself to create a full Offense and Defense of United States Presidents. The rules were simple; if I had to build an NFL football team, which Commander-in-Chiefs would best represent my fantasy team. Which president would make the best Quarterback? Who is punishing enough for our… Read More
A Guide To Getting A Tattoo

A Guide To Getting A Tattoo: What You Need To Know

in From A Guy's Perspective by Pat
So you want to get a tattoo? Now what? How do you pick a design, pick a place, and what do you look for? Who do you talk too? Not sure? Well you’re not alone so let me start from the beginning with a handy guide on what you should know. I have been wanting to get some new ink for a couple of years, but I was determined not to go back to the place I went before. Not because they did bad work, but… Read More

Essentials: What To Buy With Your New DSLR Camera

in Tech by Ray
So you just got a new DSLR Camera from Nikon, Canon, or Pentax as a gift (or as one of your more expensive impulse buys). Congratulations! Cameras are fun, can capture some great memories, and also give you an excuse to buy some incredibly cool accessories for them. That's where we come in. We have tried a lot of different gear, and we have a lot of gear sitting on shelves that we just don't… Read More
Man Vs. Cube: How To Rate Your Office Day

Man Vs. Cube: How To Rate Your Office Day

in From A Guy's Perspective by Jimmy Blundo
The continuing series about life spent in a cubicle. In this episode, Jimmy B. looks at how a typical day in the office is spent, and what "rating" the moods around the cubicle usually reflect at different times of the day. Enjoy. Morning Drive – More than likely, you left a little later than what would make your commute a comfortable one, but then again, what do you care? You know where you’re… Read More
Man Food - Bourbon Burgers

Man Food: Inside-Out Bourbon Burgers

in Food by Pat
In honor of Summer coming soon, we want you to go make the best burger you've ever made on your grill this year. Ray entrusted me to the burgers so I had to show him and his Tequila Meatballs up. So, I channeled my inner Guy Fieri and made my soon to be famous Inside-out Bourbon Burgers (which are completely different from Mike's Bourbon Bleu Burgers). Apparently we put bourbon in all our food… Read More
Was There A "Rocky Balboa" G.I. Joe Figure?

Was There A "Rocky Balboa" G.I. Joe Figure?

in Nerd Stuff by Ray
The 80's were pretty awesome, and two prime examples of that are Rocky Balboa and GI Joe. Yes, I know Rocky came out in the 70's, but it was huge in the 80's. Except for the 5th movie (the one that doesn't count), and from this day forward we will not mention it again at Bro Council Headquarters. Luckily, Rocky Balboa made up for that horrible excuse for a movie. Now to the exciting part: the… Read More

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