Tiger Woods - Arnold Palmer: The Rumble

Tiger Woods - Arnold Palmer: The Rumble

Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer walk into an airplane hangar....

It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but things get "real" after some thugs show up to try and take their golf trophies. You think Arnold Palmer is too old to rumble? Think again.

The video is a commercial for the new EA Sports PGA Tour 14 game that is coming out soon. After Woods and Palmer refuse to give up their trophies the thugs attack and are quickly done away with.

Not so fast!

A new thug arrives that looks like a cross between Mr. T and Will.i.am and things are a little tougher. Luckily, Lee Trevino on a zipline is there to save the day with a few shots to the inner thigh.


Check out the video below. Nice work, EA - this may be the first time we've talked golf here on Bro Council.

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