German Traffic Light Lets You Play Pong While You Wait

German Traffic Light Lets You Play Pong While You Wait

Have you ever waited at a traffic light and wished that time would move faster while you were stuck waiting for your bus ride home from your college in the heart of Pittsburgh as you noticed the guy next to you who kept looking at you in a way that was either creepy or that tipped off the fact that he was about to rob you?

OK, maybe that extremely long question was too specific of an example, but we all hate waiting at traffic lights, right? If you answered yes, you should check out the Street Pong concept that was created by German university students Holger Michel and Sandro Engel. They hooked up a console to an electric pole on each side of an intersection that showed information on when the lights would be changing, but the killer app was the game of Pong built into the unit. The setup allows pedestrians to play the game with each other from across the street.

The creators call it StreetPong, and the two paddles, one ball, and a mid-field line make a very simple game that is perfect to play at intersections. When the lights turn red, people play each other and when the lights turn green the player with the most points wins.

Now we may finally have something fun to pass the time aside from, you know, all those smartphone games and Facebook. Let's be honest, playing a game of Pong with a stranger is way more fun that checking out what your friends had for lunch on Instagram.

Check out the game in action below.

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