The First Season 4 Arrested Development Trailer Is Here

The First Season 4 Arrested Development Trailer Is Here

Are you ready for stair cars, bad illusions, and Buster and Lucille's too-close-for-comfort relationship? So are we. On May 26, Season 4 of Arrested Development will be released on Netflix with 15 brand new episodes and you can check out the first trailer here.

In order to start the final countdown, Netflix has just put out the first look at the new season and it looks like some of the settings will change, but the characters will be pretty familiar to the fans of the cancelled Fox series.

What can we gleam from the trailer? It looks like George Michael is at college, he may be living with Maeby (pun intended), and instead of a cornballer causing injuries to the Bluth's they are now getting burned by Taxis.

In other words, more ridiculous humor and we can't wait to see the full episodes.

Check out the trailer below, and make sure you pick up your Bluth's Frozen Banana Stand shirt or apron to wear to your premiere parties. They're all the rage.

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