Throwback Friday: Karate Kid - The Best Around

Throwback Friday: Karate Kid - The Best Around

This past weekend I went to an 80's party, and I don't typically enjoy dressing up in costumes. So instead, as you can see above, I put on my All Valley Karate Champion t-shirt that the Cobra Kai Dojo gave me back in 1984* and an old Dodgers hat. I was really surprised at how many people didn't know the meaning behind the shirt.

Sure, The Karate Kid came out in 1984, but the 80's are back in style right? If you have never seen the movie, you should go pick it up as soon as possible. And we're not talking about the Jaden Smith remake.

Once you do check it out, this song will probably be stuck in your head. And if you've already saw the movie, you'll probably be singing this the rest of the day. Say it with me: you're the best....around!

*Full disclosure: I actually bought the shirt at Amazon.

Karate Kid: Circa 1984

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