Throwback Friday: Flea Market? Mini Mall

Throwback Friday: Flea Market? Mini Mall

You have to love local, low production quality, and bad acting. In this week's retro video a guy named Sammy Stephens raps and dances for a "Flea Market Montgomery" ad.

The Background

Sammy was an on-air personality for Montgomery, Alabama's WMGY radio station and was asked to help create a commercial for a local flea market. The video was recorded in 2006, and featured Sammy singing and dancing about the flea market. The concept was pretty simple, but the combination of his rhythm and crazy eyes made this video a viral sensation.

What Happened Next?

Just remember a couple things before you get all 'uppity' and want to make fun of him: first, he appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show because of this video which is great promotion. And second - well, just try not to get this song stuck in your head all day. I dare you.

Also, Sammy has his own website at, which apparently allows you to book him for some unknown reason. So if you're looking for a commercial of your own, here's your chance to book an internet legend.

Check out the video below:

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