Throwback Friday: Anatomy Of A Viral Video - Willy Bob

Throwback Friday: Anatomy Of A Viral Video - Willy Bob

About five years ago, a video began circulating on the internet of what appears to be a Middle Eastern man firing a gun, falling backwards from the recoil, and breaking a glass door. Then he says something that sounds like "Willy Bob". That was the only part of the video I ever saw, and was probably emailed to me at least 30 times. In honor of Throwback Friday, I was going to post that video but decided to do a little bit of research instead. I found out something about both the gun and the video. First things first, take a look at the viral video:

Viral Version

Now, that's a pretty funny video. But it went viral based on some false pretenses. Usually the video was attached to some kind of antagonistic slogan towards Arab people and made reference to how they can't handle guns. One problem with that is that in the full video it's not just that one guy falling down and mis-handling the gun, but many people. And the majority of them aren't Middle Eastern.

So What's Happening?

So why the big kick from the gun? Well, because it's an A-Square Hannibal .577 Tyrannosaurus. They call it a Tyrannosaurus because they think it could kill a T-Rex. Yeah, it's a freakin dinosaur gun! The gun has a recoil of 220 pounds, with 750 grains at 8,900 foot pounds. If you don't know about guns, that's a heck of a lot of kick. In fact, it's the most kick of any gun out there. And that's good since it's made to stop a charging Rhino (or dinosaur). Want to know what the bullets look like? Check it out here:

T-Rex Bullet

The next video you'll see is the full version of the 17 second clip you already saw. A lot of people end up on their butts.


So that's how a viral video gets started. You take something that's in the public consciousness, attach a ridiculous story to it, and hope people forward it to their friends. Either that, or you just get a local news station to report it as fact.

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