Throwback Friday: 100 Best YouTube Videos Ever

Throwback Friday - The 100 Best YouTube Videos

Today for Throwback Friday we have a special treat for you - we don't have just one video, we have 100. The video of the day is from a band called Hadouka-something. They were trying to sell their songs by making a compilation video of the best videos on YouTube and took the top 100 and condensed them into a four minute clip.

Enjoy the classics like "Dramatic Hamster", "David at the Dentist", "Scared Panda", and more as you listen to the sounds of Hadouken. The only problem is that you have to listen to their music while you watch. The song is pretty bad.

Surprisingly, Roommates didn't make the final cut. Other than that, nice work on the video and good luck on the music, indie band.

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