Who Is The Fastest Man Alive?


The 2012 London Olympics are coming up on July 27th, 2012 to August 12th, 2012, and I wanted to find out who the fastest man alive was. Here's my research so you can be more informed this Summer.

Every four years, the most finely tuned athletes battle against each other in front of the entire world with the hopes of being recognized as the best of the best. Although every event has its own following, all eyes will be on the men’s 100 and 200 meter races. These events capture our hearts and minds and motivate so many aspiring children because they determine who will be crowned as the “the fastest man in the world”.

Here is a look at Bro Council’s favorites for both of these events: 

100 Meters
Usain Bolt (Jamaica) – Mr. Bolt currently holds the fastest 100 meter time ever at 9.58 seconds. He is at his peak at 25 years old and probably the most famous sprinter since Carl Lewis.

Tyson Gay (USA) – He holds the second fastest 100 meter time ever at 9.69 seconds, but is old by sprinting standards at 29 years. He is the only man to defeat Bolt during his record breaking run from a few years ago.

Yohan Blake (Jamaica) – He is the youngest sprinter to break the 10 second barrier at 19 years. Last year he ran the 100 in 9.82 seconds. He is only 22 years old and improving.

200 Meters
Usain Bolt (Jamaica) – He holds the world record at 19.19 seconds and if anyone can break 19 seconds, he can.

Yohan Blake (Jamaica) – He holds the second fastest 200 meter time ever, and the best time in 2011 with 19.26 seconds.

Walter Dix (USA) – At 26 years of age, Walter is in peak form. He holds the fourth fastest 200 meter time ever at 19.53 seconds.

(Editor's Note: There are Ujval's favorites for this years olympics, and here is my favorite hurdle video ever.)

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