TWIBQ: Romo Breaks Ribs, Dallas Fans Rejoice


Week 2 of the NFL season is a wrap, and I hope you didn't bet your fantasy football future on Jamaal Charles getting more carries this year. Maybe Todd Haley was right on that one. Too bad for you Chiefs fans that he thought Matt Cassel and his 252 yards, 1 touchdown, and 4 interceptions after two games was worth $63 million too.

So who was the star of this weeks article? Luke McCown. Wow, shocker right there. The guy with a career stat line of 9 touchdowns and 14 interceptions over 6 seasons wasn't ready to take over the QB spot on a young Jacksonville team that needed a leader? Really, I'm floored. This week was absolutely horrible though: he went 6 for 19, for 59 yards, 4 interceptions and, no touchdowns. What kind of rating is that you ask? A 1.8 - I didn't even know the scale went that low, but apparently you can get a zero passer rating.

And what happened to Tony Romo this week? He broke his ribs. I'll give it to the guy, he came back out with broken ribs and rallied the Cowboys for the win. If he keeps playing like that, we'll have to take his name off of the graphic for this article and throw up JaMarcus Russell's. Way to go Tony, maybe now the Cowboys won't have to trade for this year's version of Kevin Kolb - Mike Kafka. Who's Mike Kafka you ask? The Eagles third string QB who played well when Michael Vick was injured. If history repeats itself, he will now receive a huge contract in the off-season after proving himself as an OK quarterback through two quarters of NFL play. Way to raise the bar, Kolb!

Ben Roethlisberger recovered from a rough first week, Donovan McNabb may last a few more weeks in Minnesota, and what about Cam Newton? Dude threw for another 432 yards and ran for 53. The 3 interceptions killed the Panthers, but I was still really impressed with him. He's a rookie, and has only played one full year as a starter since leaving high school - he's got potential.

So, will Drew Brees ever be featured in this article?


Probably not, see you next week.

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