TWIBQ: Brady vs. Fitzpatrick


Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning. In August, which one of these Quarterbacks would you have said would be 3-0 to start the season?

 If you said Ryan Fitzpatrick, you're either lying or the Anchor Bar is your favorite place for wings. Two of these gridiron legends faced off this weekend, and as far as bad quarterbacking goes neither of them were slouches. But only one of them could be a loser, and yesterday Tom Brady was the loser. Let's break down some stats:


Touchdowns: Brady - 4/Fitzpatrick - 2
Winner: Brady

Interceptions: Brady - 4/Fitzpatrick - 2

Winner: Fitzpatrick

Yards: Brady - 387/Fitzpatrick - 369

Winner: Brady

Rating: Brady - 86.1/Fitzpatrick - 92.6

Winner: Fitzpatrick

Touchdowns Dropped By Ochocinco: Brady - 1/Fitzpatrick - 0

Loser: Ochocinco

Wins: Brady - 0/Fitzpatrick - 1

Winner: Fitzpatrick

This Week's Winner: Ryan Fitzpatrick

Which means the bad quarterbacking award in that game goes to Tom Brady. Don't worry Patriots fans, you'll get your shot at redemption in Week 17. Until then - Fitzpatrick > Brady.

In other news:

  • Michael Vick hurt his hand and blamed the refs.
  • Curtis Painter let his golden locks flow as Peyton looked disgusted at the game - and the Steelers pulled off a win despite Ben Roethlisberger's best efforts.
  • Tonight, Tony Romo has a bullseye on his ribs.
  • Matt Cassel got intercepted on a screen pass. Yes...a screen pass. Wow. Check it out:


See you next week.

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