This Is How The Incredible Hulk Would Play Hockey



Shea Weber (aka The Incredible Hulk) plays for the Nashville Predators, and I think he might have taken the "Predator" name too far. In a recent NHL playoff game, Weber smashed the face of Detroit Red Wings center Henrik Zetterberg into the boards. Several times.

We're all for hard hits in hockey, but this went to far. Zetterberg's helmet even broke during the melee. Lucky for the Predator's, Weber got away with two minutes for roughing and a $2,500 fine. Zetterberg wasn't too happy about the small fine saying, "In my view, it was pretty bad, I heard he got fined. I guess the bar is set."

"I thought it was dirty. I thought it was a direct hit to my head. If we look at what happened the last few years with all the head injuries, I think that shouldn't belong in the game."

Was it a dirty hit? Check out the video below and decide for yourself.

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