Rex Ryan Has A Lot of Feelings

Rex Ryan Has A Lot of Feelings

I'm sure by now everyone has seen the news story of Rex Ryan breaking down and crying big, fake crocodile tears because the Jets had a crappy season and get to watch from the sidelines for the rest of the year. Now, I'm not exactly opposed to men crying in public; I think there are plenty of legitimate reasons for a grown man to break down into tears, and here are a few of them: 

  1. Funerals.
  2. Any sort of military involved event/procession/memorial.
  3. The final scene in Jurassic Park when the helicopter is flying into the horizon.
  4. Any time your kneecap turns one way and your leg turns the other.
  5. Whenever Ty Pennington moves the bus at the end of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and all the overweight construction workers in flannel shirts put down their hammers and hug each other.

Here is when it's not okay, Rex Ryan, when you're making excuses and trying to save yourself because you did a crappy job and know there's a reasonable chance that you're going to be coaching high school football in Middle of Nowhere, Idaho next year so you're throwing an emotional Hail Mary to gain some media sympathy. Nice try, Rexie Poo, but that play is page one out of the Mean Girls playbook, and it hasn't worked out too well for Lindsay Lohan, now has it?  

Mean Girls - Feelings: She Doesn't Even Go Here! (Editor's Note: This will be the only "Mean Girls" link ever posted on the site. We promise.)

Afterwards, Rex Tried to use this excuse:

When asked about tearing up, Ryan reportedly responded, "Eh, I'm Irish, what do you want?"

Using being Irish as an excuse? As a certified ginger, let me tell you how the Irish handle it - we man up (yes, even the girls) drink a beer, and do it better next time. Think about it, Rex.

[Source - NESN]

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