Rex Ryan Gets A Mark Sanchez "Tebowing" Tattoo

Rex Ryan Gets A Mark Sanchez Tattoo

Well, the mystery about why Mark Sanchez continued to be the starter for the New York Jets after his abysmal year is finally solved; Rex Ryan didn't want to look silly with a tattoo of a backup QB.

Ryan left for a vacation to the Bahamas just a few days after his team finished 6-10 for the season behind Mark Sanchez's 66.9 QB rating. While on the beach, he has been tailed by some members of the New York media and one of them snapped a picture of a tattoo on his right arm: it's what looks like his wife Michelle posing in seductively in Mark Sanchez's number 6 jersey. And she's not wearing pants.

Oh, and she may be Tebowing.

A news reporter tried to get the scoop on the tattoo, but Ryan simply said “Oh, s---,” and angrily walked away with his wife.

This has to be a fake right? If it's real, it's the poorest decision involving ink in New York Jets history since they signed Mark Sanchez to a contract that guaranteed him an $8.25 million salary in 2013.

Check out a larger image of the tattoo below.

Rex Ryan - Mark Sanchez Tattoo Big

[Source - ESPN]

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