Evgeni Malkin Fights A 7 Year Old In Russia

Evgeni Malkin Fights A 7 Year Old In Russia

Evgeni Malkin isn't known for his fighting in the NHL, but when he travels back to his Russian homeland all bets are off. The guy will even throwdown with 7-year-olds.

Now, the "fight" wasn't intense of course, but we're glad to see Malkin has the basics of fighting locked down. Grab your opponent, pull his jersey over his head, fight in slow motion, and then fall on your back. Oh wait...that's the basics of a Rick DiPietro goalie fight. Sorry about that.

The charity game was organized by llya Kovalchuk, and paired players like Malkin and Alex Radulov against a local hockey school team from Tver, Russia.

So far, this hasn't resulted in a change.org petition to remove fighting from our charity games, but we're expecting some whackjob to start one soon.

Check out the video below.

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