Does Evgeni Malkin Make Out In A Sidney Crosby Shirt? Yep.

Does Evgeni Malkin Makeout In A Sidney Crosby Shirt? Yep.

Evgeni Malkin posted some pictures to his Facebook page recently, and most of them were pretty normal. Pictures like Evgeni with a giant blue penguin:

Malkin's Penguin

...or Geno hanging out with Sergei Gonchar while he rides a quad:

Malkin and Gonchar Quad

But this picture really caught our eye. There has always been discussion about how Malkin and Sidney Crosby can co-exist since they are both such amazing players. Well, you can now officially put that talk to bed. Here is a picture of Evgeni Malkin making out with a girl while he wears a #87 Sidney Crosby shirt.

Evgeni Malkin Makes Out In A Crosby Shirt

You're welcome.

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