Penn State Sanctions Revealed, Congratulations Hoosiers


Congratulations to the Hoosier faithful, there's finally a team in the Big Ten that Indiana can beat in football: Penn State. Here are the sanctions that the NCAA handed down to PSU.

  1. A $60 million fine
  2. A four-year postseason ban for football
  3. The vacation of all wins back to 1998
  4. They must reduce 10 initial and 20 total scholarships each year for four-years

And yes, Joe Paterno's career record will be updated to show the lesser wins. Penn State lost 112 wins over that 14-year period which will cost JoePa 111 wins and put his final career record at 298-136-3. Bobby Bowden now holds the all time record with 377 wins.

"In the Penn State case, the results were perverse and unconscionable," said NCAA President Mark Emmert "No price the NCAA can levy with repair the damage inflicted by Jerry Sandusky on his victims." The funds that Penn State was fined will go into an endowment for "external programs preventing child sexual abuse or assisting victims and may not be used to fund such programs at the university."

Penn State, in a statement released less than an hour after the sanctions were revealed, said it will accept them and that the "ruling holds the university accountable for the failure of those in power to protect children and insists that all areas of the university community are held to the same high standards of honesty and integrity."

The Big Ten will announce their own sanctions today, and Penn State removed Paterno's statue from campus yesterday.

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