Bill Cowher In His Girlfriend’s Music Video (And Eye Makeup)

Bill Cowher In Girlfriend’s Music Video (And Eye Makeup)

Today we bring you a video of former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher in mascara and handcuffs.

Wow. We can't believe we actually typed that.

Rumors have been flying that Cowher has been dating a singer named “Queen V" who released the video in support of her new album The Decade of Queen V. And by flying, we mean "nobody really cares, but people are just confused by it." Does this confirm it? Who knows. We're still getting over the shock of seeing "The Jaw" in mascara.

Cowher coached the Steelers for 15 years, and we can only imagine that this video will be used in the locker room to make fun of him if he ever decides to roam the sidelines again.

Apparently, Cowher is some kind of Secret Service agent for Queen V, but we're not completely sure. Check out the video below and help us to decipher it in the comments section.

We have a feeling that Vince Lombardi is rolling over in his grave right now.

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