Are These The 2012 Winter Classic Jerseys?

According to sources, these could be the jerseys that the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers wear at the the 2012 Winter Classic, the NHL's biggest game of the year ( to the Stanley Cup Finals, of course). Who are the "sources" you ask? Well, don't ask. Because no-ones telling. I hope these sources turn out to be one kid who goes to high school in Philadelphia and is good with Photoshop. Does anyone have a percentage of how often the sources are right on anything?

2012 winter classic jerseys

Anyway, they actually look pretty good despite the fact that they look like every other Flyer's jersey ever made. At least this one doesn't have "Bieber" written on the back of it. Click here to see Justin Bieber with Scott Hartnell and Kimmo Timonen. Seriously, could you ever picture John LeClair posing with NSYNC? Or Bobby Clarke posing with...well anyone in the entertainment industry? Here's to hoping that Hartnell hip-checked the Bieb's immediately after the picture was taken.

Source: Philadelphia Sports Daily

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