Mostly Made Up Facts About Presidents Day


Monday is President's Day, and in honor of that Kristin decided to present to the readers some made up facts about President's Day for our Spoofs series. Enjoy.

Mostly Made Up Stuff About President’s Day

1. Andrew Jackson invited the general public to attend his inauguration in 1828, the party got so huge that he reportedly had to climb out of a White House window, and his aides had to fill tubs of alcoholic punch on the front lawn to lure people outside. This may or may not have been the first frat rager in recorded history.

2. Martin van Buren was the first President born an American citizen; as all the previous ones were born British citizens. He also had mutton chops. No word on whether he actually liked mutton.

3. John Tyler was known as “His Accidency,” as his predecessor, William Henry Harrison, died after only 31 days in office and he unexpectedly became president. Tyler also had 15 children, so that nickname may have come from a few other “accidents” as well.

4. Millard Fillmore was the first President to have running water and electricity in the White House. It’s pretty much the only thing anyone remembers him ever doing.

5. James Buchanan was the only President from Pennsylvania. He never married, and lived with his niece Harriet in the White House. Even 144 years later that’s still creepy.

6. Rutherford B. Hayes’ was the first President to use a phone. His number was 1. Seriously, 1. Think about that the next time you make a “Your Mama’s so old...” joke.

7. The city of Cleveland, Ohio was not actually named after Grover Cleveland who was the only President to be elected to two non-consecutive terms. The city of Cleveland was named after General Moses Cleveland. Today, it’s a toss up as to which of three Clevelands has become the least relevant over the course of history.

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