Ammo Comparison Charts For Guns


That picture you see above is some of the most common ammo for handguns. Don't look down, write your guesses down on a piece of paper, and then take a look at the chart below to test your knowledge of bullets.

  1. 3 inch 12 ga magnum shotgun shell
  2. AA battery (for size comparison)
  3. .454 Casull
  4. .45 Winchester Magnum
  5. .44 Remington Magnum
  6. .357 Magnum
  7. .38 Special
  8. .45 ACP
  9. .38 Super
  10. 9 mm Luger
  11. .32 ACP
  12. .22 LR

How did you do? If you did well head over to the source link below to try your hand at dozens more images like that one. They have a guide to pretty much all of the popular bullets for guns. One of my favorites is below.

Common Rifle Ammo Sizes

Check out the full list below at the source link:


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