Pumpkin Chunkin...In The Face

Pumpkin Chunkin...In The Face

I've been egging, played mailbox baseball, heck I've even exchanged gunfire with a farmer borrowing some of his corn...ya' know we just wanted to spread the Halloween spirit. OK, so it was BB guns and bottle rockets versus his shot gun loaded with rock salt. Yes, it does sting. But I never thought to chuck a pumpkin at someone. Here in the colonies we launch those out of cannons.

A 64 year old dude from Oakmont, Pennsylvania was hit by a pumpkin - in the face - thrown from a car that drove past him. Wow.

His wife said: "You like to think it’s a prank but I don’t think the kids really realize the danger involved in what it is. Someone truly could've been killed. Had he been hit any harder, he could've broken a hip – who knows."

(Editor's Note: This is not part of Pat's Pranks series. Do not try this at home.)

Source: Attack, Pumpkin

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