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Recently I read a quote that went like this: “In 2011 I came to love people I never met on Twitter and learned to hate people I have known my whole life on Facebook”. I could not have said it better, in fact I cleaned out some of those people from Facebook today or at least “unsubscribed”. God forbid you actually delete them - then they wont talk to you in real life, cause you don’t care about their mindless posts in internet world. For all I care they can **** off  (I just wrote that to get censored since I haven’t been in a while).

Yes, I keep Facebook up just because I have a lot of friends spread out over the 50 states and i'ts great to catch up with them with when they share pics of their kids etc. I personally use Twitter more then anything, it's great communicating with friends about sports as well as world news. When used properly it’s a wonderful all of  you who use Twitter to send tweets to someone like "hey call me/text me”: stop being a jackwad and use your phone.

The real reason we are here is to bring you our “Best of Twitter”. Yeah, you could find a lot of these in Google searches but this is the official Bro Council, Approved list. And for those of you readers who live my area and follow some of the same sports teams I have a section for those too. If you have some favorite,  please pass them along to us as well. You can reach me on Twitter @pat11d.

First we are going to dive right into comedy and the “fake“ accounts:

He's the oversized head of Peyton Manning - with satirical looks at everything sports related. Give him a day and you won't be sorry. Downright funniest fake account out there. He's also good at busting people stealing his jokes. Right Ray? (Editor's Note: It was a take on his joke...not word for word.)

Another great sports related Twitter feed who will have you cracking up everyday. Half his tweets sound just like something Madden would say...only without the all the sick Brett Favre love.

Next is real sports related accounts:

Logan Morrison, resident cut-up for the Miami Marlins. His off the cuff smart-ass comments will make you ask "where does he come up with this stuff?" Now he's teamed up with his new coach Ozzie Guillen...oh, I can't wait until this season starts!

The next 3 sports related accounts are slowly making me an Oakland A's fan:

Sarcastic tweets that remind me of someone I know here at the Bro Council office. Hmmm...who could that be?

@BMcCarthy32 and @Mrs_McCarthy32
A husband and wife account whose bickering will have you rolling in laughter. For instance, the A's pitcher Tweeted to his wife "every time we fight I run upstairs and fart on your pillow" - in turn she usually tweets what an ass he is. Don't worry, she gets her share of jabs into not only him, but everyday situations.

Do you like women who are either some of the funniest humans on earth, or the ones who are just beautiful? Well, your Twitterers are up next:

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and a natural for Twitter. Her insight to daily events and her angry tweets are things we can all relate to. Then just wait until idiots say something stupid to her and her quick wit takes over.

TV news producer, writer, and one of the best sources for material sure to get you a visit to Human Resources office. Just brilliant.

(This section was censored! That's two today. Tweet Pat if you want to find out what he posted here.)

And finally, the fitness model who posts a lot of pictures, and is quite possibly the most beautiful woman on Twitter.

I have to give a shout out here to a couple of basement bloggers from a couple of my favorite teams:

RTJR is "Raise the Jolly Rogers" - a blog site for Pittsburgh Pirate fans. If there is something baseball and Pirate related, this is the guy you need to ask.

If you're a Penn State football fan you'll understand the name. Great insight to all things PSU football a great view of all of college football. If you're a fan of PSU then you will remember when then freshman QB Rob Bolden was going to transfer. The transcript this group wrote of what that meeting with him, his father, and coach Paterno looked like is the funniest piece I have read in a very long time.

Rowlff is another Twitterer from that blog site who adds his own insight to the weekly games. I just wish they did more of the #photoshopfriday. Any shot at Ohio State is welcome any day of the week.

The third guy from that site is Jschnauzer - his tweets during games are priceless.

That's it for today! Make sure you follow all of us here and, if you have any recommendations please send them to us so we can follow them too.


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