Parent Of The Week: PNC Park Employee's Finger Ripped Off

pnc-park-fingerRachel George, 21                                                                                 Christopher George, 50

PNC Park in Pittsburgh is a beautiful stadium. There is a view of the river, the architecture is reminiscent of the glory days of baseball, and you don't have to worry about poor air quality since smoking is not allowed in the seats.

One problem: this woman hates fresh air.

A PNC Park security guard's finger was almost torn off when a woman, her boyfriend, and her father attacked him while he was leading her out of the park for smoking. The guard was with the woman, Rachel George, when her boyfriend attacked him and ran away (like all good boyfriends do). Rachel jumped on his back while her dad, Christopher George, started attacking the guards as well. Nice work, dad. Way to teach your daughter restraint, common sense, and courtesy to fellow guests.

The guard's hand was caught in a fence, and his middle finger was ripped almost completely off. It was only attached by a small piece of skin. Both Rachel and Christopher have been charged with aggravated assault, harassment, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and conspiracy according to the arrest reports.

Wow. I'll just end by saying "don't be an idiot." Whenever you are thinking about doing something, ask yourself "is this something an idiot would do?" If so, don't do that thing. That small piece of advice could have really helped out the George family.

[Source - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

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