Naked Man Wields Samurai Sword At Police

Naked Man Wields Samurai Sword At Police

It seems like Coco Bennett, a 29-year-old California resident, had a really weird New Years weekend. It all started when the San Jose police got a call about a man standing outside at 8 a.m. on January 2nd with an assault rifle. As police arrived, he jumped in his car, and after a short pursuit he pulled over naked and waving a samurai sword, because that's apparently what every normal San Jose resident keeps in their car. The incident of sword-waving (and probably other things waving in the breeze) continued for about three hours before Coco was arrested peacefully and is now being evaluated psychologically.

Police said that Bennett began yelling "You're going to have to kill me" when he exited his car.

The standoff ended when Bennett ran toward a fence while carrying the sword. He tried to jump the fence, but failed and he dropped the sword. That's when officers made their move.

There has not been any video of the standoff released, but we think it probably looked something like this - except without pants:

[Source - NBC News]

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