Mugshot Of The Year


Three 19 year old kids in California allegedly decided to try and steal beer from the Baja Ranch Market outside of Los Angeles. According to police, two of them grabbed a 30 pack of beer while a third waited outside in the getaway car. An employee jumped on the hood of their car after trying to stop them and they wrecked into a curb and the employee was thrown from the car.

Does it get better? Yes.

One of the kids Nicholas Fiumetto, the kid on the right in the mugshots above, ran through a car wash. Yep, the car wash was active and an officer was waiting for him on the other side by the time he fought through the rollers. All three suspects were arrested, and Nicholas gets the mugshot of the year award for his angry face.

The Baka Ranch Market recovered the beer.

Source: Kids Steal Beer

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