Man Sues His Wife For Birthing Ugly Baby

Man Sues His Wife For Birthing Ugly Baby

I think its safe to say we can file this one away under the "What the ????" file. And yes, that's a real file here at the Bro Council headquarters.

A man named Jian Feng met his beautiful wife in northern China, they fell in love, and eventually had a daughter. Here is where it gets weird: he felt the baby was so ugly that there was no way it could have been his. You read that right; he thought his own baby girl was so hideous that he accused his wife of an affair and demanded a DNA test. After the test results came back proving that it was their child, his wife admitted that she had travelled to South Korea for $100,000 in plastic surgery before they had met.

So what is the next step for father of the year? He wanted to add "husband of the year" to his trophy case as well so he sued his wife for $120,000 and won. Now, that poor little girl now has to bear that burden for the rest of her life.

Sam Smith at Planet Ivy summed it up best by saying "if you're going to feel sorry for anyone, feel sorry for their child, who will forever be known as the baby that broke her parent's marriage - with her face."

*UPDATE* as of this writing both of the parents of Bro Council's President Ray were seen contacting lawyers of their own.

(Editor's Note: That last joke would be funny if it were true. Check out one of my baby pictures below. And yes, I Photoshopped that picture of Pat as a baby as well. That's the nice thing about being the editor. -Ray)

Ray Baby

[Source - Planet Ivy]

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