Madonna Thinks Roman Soldiers Were Part Of The Salvation Army

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Well, the Super Bowl has come and gone, and so have the commercials, snack food, and the most sporadic halftime show ever. Proving to the world that Beyonce should perform at the Super Bowl's halftime show every year, Madonna wanted to make a statement: World Peace. Nice Madonna! You really showed the true meaning behind your message by starting out with Roman soldiers carrying you to the stage like a queen. Hey do know that Roman soldiers sold captured people into slavery after they defeated them in war right? Yeah, you probably do. You're great at everything, so history is probably one of your areas of expertise. Who knows, maybe it was just a reference to the basketball player formally known as Ron Artest.


In other halftime show news:

  • I couldn't quite tell if Madonna was singing "Sexy and I Know It" or "Sixty and I Know It"
  • Our very own Pat tweeted "I need a flux capacitor to send Madonna back to the 1980's where she belongs"
  • Al Roker Cee Lo Green showed that you don't need long arms or a neck to be a successful pop singer
  • WWE Wrestler CM Punk Tweeted "I hope this ends with madonna taking the lid off the arc of the covenant and her face melting off like Toht."
  • And finally, the game continued after a halftime show geared to making men want to change the channel of the biggest sporting event of the year. Thankfully, the Patriots and Giants put on a heck of a game to close out the show. Nice work in making it an exciting Super Bowl, and congratulations to the New York Giants.


One of my Tweets about Madonna went semi-viral. Somehow I managed to offend a blogger from Canada with an anti-Madonna post. After someone re-tweeted me, she posted that I was "over-thinking pop music. Just dance & enjoy." This was the rest of the exchange:


There's no way I'm ageist! I hired Pat, and he's like 60. Case closed.

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