I Thought The Amish Didn't Believe In Photographs

I Thought The Amish Didn't Believe In Photographs

Apparently the Amish have no choice when it comes to mug shots and photographs. As 17-year-old Amish youth Levi Detweller learned last month after he led police on a drunken horse-and-buggy vs. car chase through Leon, New York. Detweller apparently doesn't realize that police cars generally have more horsepower than a buggy has actual horse power.

(FYI: underage drinking, DUI's, and horse-and-buggy car chases with cops are not Bro Council approved. Neither is Levi's haircut.)

Link: Drunken Buggy Chase

Editor's Note:

Q. What goes "clickity clack, BANG - clickity clack, BANG"?

A. An Amish drive-by shooting.


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