A Real-Life Barbie?


Valeria Lukyanova is a 21-year-old Ukrainian model who decided she wanted to look like a Barbie.

That's problem #1. Problem #2 is that she probably spent money on plastic surgery to look the way she does. And although plastic makes for durable and fun children's toys, it's not ideal material for a woman.

The next problem is a bigger one...she might not even be real. The photos of her make her look very out of place with her surroundings. Which could be due to her un-realistic proportions, or this whole thing could just be some guy in his parents basement creating a plausible story that millions of other lonely men in their basement would find...umm...interesting.

You can check out the source link for more info on this "girl". We don't really want to waste anymore space talking about "her".

Oh, and this should go without saying - but spending money to make yourself look like an ill-proportioned children's toy is definitely Not Approved by Bro Council. Keep it natural, girls. We like you better just the way you are. (Cue the Mr. Rogers theme song.)

[Source - Huffington Post]

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