18 Year Old Tampa Girl Gets Three DUIs In Less Than Three Weeks

Only in Florida. Typically this would be Trons area especially since it is in his town, but as he's currently passed out under a beer pong table at Sebring for the races this week I'll cover for him.

So we have all gotten in trouble in our own right at times. Maybe not with the law, but hell...we've all done something stupid and learned from it. Like Ray and his gerbil Lemmiwinks, but 3 DUI's in a matter of days? All of the mug shots are like a time line of of 'oh crap' expressions leading up to the last where she looks like she just lost her puppy.


I'm betting someone doesn't see the light of day for a little while and should be very thankful no one was hurt.

Kimberly McCarthy was charged with three separate DUI's between February 24th and March 11th.  Arrest reports show two of those arrests happened within two days.

"Her last one culminated with her crashing in to the back of a brand new car that had only been on the road a couple of weeks," said Tampa Police Sergeant Ray Fernandez.

According to arrest reports, alcohol only played a role in one of McCarthy's three arrests. "From what it appears, she likes to drink very little," Fernandez said.  "Most of what she's doing is narcotics, she's smoking marijuana."

[Source - wptv.com]

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