The Transformers Wine Rack

The Transformers Wine Rack

Do you love the Transformers? Do you love wine? Well, I grew up with the Transformers and am in the minority of fans love the new movies. Unfortunately for me, I personally think wine tastes like Easter egg water. But I know plenty of people who love both their wine and the Transformers.

For those of you who love both? Well, we have found the perfect gift for you. Check out this monstrous hulk of scrap car parts on Craigslist. It stands 6 ft. tall, weighs half of a ton, and will hold up to 32 wines bottles depending on the size.

If you can convert that into bottles of bourbon or rum, I'm sold. The Craigslist ad is down, so you'll probably have to find this amazing piece of Craftmanship on eBay at some point, but you can check out some pictures below.




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