The Batgirl-Nightwing Wedding: Nerds Unite!

The Batgirl-Nightwing Wedding: Nerds Unite!

Batgirl is the female counterpart to Batman, and resides in Gotham City. Nightwing is a superhero that has gone through several iterations, but originally resided in Krypton - home of Superman. Imgur is an online image hosting service that offers free image hosting, and is based in San Francisco. What do they all have in common? They have brought us together to enjoy the only wedding slideshow we have ever enjoyed looking at.

Imgur user babsgordon (of course that's her name) posted a slideshow of her wedding to her very own Nightwing. The album is complete with engagement pictures, superhero themed invitations, Batman garter belts, mugshots, and a battle scene between the bridal party. Yeah, this is definitely our kind of wedding.

The album starts out with a simple quote that will make comic book fans everywhere warm and fuzzy inside. Here's that quote, and the full album:

So my husband and I fell for each other over a conversation about Batman...

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