Movie Replica Motorcycle Suits - Superheroes Brought To Life

Movie Replica Motorcycle Suits - Superheroes Brought To Life

As kids, most of us dreamed about being superheroes. Flying, having super-strength, or x-ray vision was definitely on a lot of wish lists for Christmas. Now, you can at least look like a superhero thanks to a place called UD Replicas. The company has a selection of official movie replica motorcycle suits inspired by Warner Bros., Marvel, Disney and Lucasfilm characters. Their suits are made to look like the actual gear that Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, Tron, and yes, even Luke Skywalker wore.

The suits aren't just for style, as they have Kevlar and other CE-approved body armour built into them. Each one is a full-on protective motorcycle suit. Now, we're not sure if we would ride while wearing one of these, but we're sure some of you out there will be willing to take the leap into superhero world.

From the reviews we've read, the design of the suits are near perfect, and the materials and construction are superb. Sizing is a little strange though, so you may want to give them a call before you make a purchase. They're apparently not the most comfortable jackets to ride in, but here's the reality; if you're wearing one of these you obviously care more about style than substance.

You can check out a video of some of the jackets below, and if you want to give them a shot you can check out their website here.

And seriously, if you buy one of these please contact us with some pictures and a review.

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