Laser Tag: Reinvented

Laser Tag: Reinvented

Remember when laser tag was cool? Good now explain it to Kristin since she, sadly, wasn't in the cool group. We like her anyway though.

On a serious note, I remember the original laser tag with the big silver gun and that sensor you strapped onto your chest that looked like it was from a bad low budget sci-fi movie. That lasted until there were the urban legends of cops who watched Rambo and Blade Runner too many times and thought there were groups of assassins with laser lights running around at night and they started shooting at them.

Luckily, Hasbro is is bringing back laser tag. The NERF Lazer Tag system let's you put your iPhone or iPod Touch in the top of it to give you a display for the gun. The included app will show your progress on a worldwide leaderboard. Each gun will be around $40, and they look like this:

Lazer Tag Guns

Personally, I'd rather use a paint ball gun or modify one of the electric Nerf guns. Those at least will leave a nice welt on Ray. But I do look forward to seeing possible applications and games that will be available for this, and the hours of wasted time we will incur at the Bro Council Offices will be priceless.

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