Introducing: The Vietnamese Bat-Pod

Introducing: The Vietnamese Bat-Pod

In Vietnam, scooters are often the preferred method of transportation - and they get rather ingenious with their customization. Take this guy who is a Batman fan and wanted the ultimate vigilante scooter. With the help of a Suzuki 125cc scooter engine (yup, that's a whopping 13 horsepower - great for driving around town, but you're safe from envy, Batman) and what appears to be an exhaust fashioned out of a mini-gun this man has done it. Add in a few car wheels and a flat black finish, and his hard work paid off to produce the Batmobile lite. Great work, when you start mass-producing them we want to be the first in line - this thing looks great.

Check out a video below of the faux Bat-Pod in action.

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