Colin Furze Is The World's X-Men Inventor

Colin Furze Is The World's X-Men Inventor

Earlier this spring a young inventor from England made a video that went viral. The video was of the man making himself a working pair of Wolverine claws in his garage. It's not his only work though, and each of his projects has not just the finished video, but also the 'making of' which is just as interesting. His Name is Colin Furze, and I'm pretty sure he needs to be my new best friend.

Take some time and visit his site and check out the excitement Colin shows for all of his work. You can't help but laugh at the joy he has building these projects, like the world's fastest baby stroller, or the cake-o-matic. The videos that have really made waves here in the US-of-A are the ones in his DIY X-men series. Trust me, you have to check out the X-Men Pyro video, which is one of the more amazing things he has built.

Follow him on Twitter @colinfurze and check out his site at

And hey, don't try this at home.

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