Submit Your Questions For G Love

Submit Your Questions For G Love

Do you like good music? Then you should check out G. Love. He and his band (the Special Sauce) have been based out of Philadelphia and playing music since 1992, and if you haven't heard him you should - dude has skill.

He's rolling into my hometown next Thursday, and on Friday I have a phone interview set up with him. I've asked some of the Bro Council readers on Facebook and Twitter to send me questions to ask, and here are some of the responses so far:

  • What's your favorite cold beverage
  • Milk and Cereal...or cereal and milk
  • What's in the special sauce?
  • BBQ or Honey Mustard? Did you spawn or were you ahead of a genre?

What would you say to G if you could ask him something? Let us know by sending Ray an email here.

If you want to find out more about G. Love (and the Special Sauce) check out these links:

  • Listen to all of his albums for free on his website (then buy them).
  • Check out the Bro Council Review of his newest album.
  • Go check out one of the live shows - check the dates here.
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