Music You And Your Girl Will Like: Christina Perri

Music You And Your Girl Will Like: Christina Perri

Are you looking for some new music? Do you have a long car trip planned with your wife or girlfriend this summer? Well, then here is some music that you can both enjoy: Christina Perri.

Christina Perri


Christina Perri is a singer and songwriter from Philadelphia. The daughter of hairdressers (whom she describes as “not musical, though my mom can whistle in many octaves”), Perri first sang in public at her Holy Communion at age six. Piano lessons began at age 8, but her piano teacher “fired” her (as she puts it), because “I would change the endings to the songs when I didn’t like the way they were written.” Eventually, Perri picked up a guitar and taught herself to play.

Caveat: she had a song featured on the Twilight soundtrack which has really launched her career. And even though Twilight is not Bro Council Approved, we can overlook that because her music is haunting and good.

Why We Like Her

“Every day something happens that blows my mind,” she says on her official bio page. “Being able to wake up and play music is more than I’ve ever dreamed my life could be. I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences, my hope, my strength, my guts, and my heart with the world.” That's a great outlook. Her jobs have included touring the world as an assistant to a rock band, spending a year at a prestigious university, producing popular music videos, making olive oil in Italy, and serving as a fashionista barrista in Beverly Hills. She's an adventurer.

Plus, she has awesome tattoos. And she looks like she could be that next-door neighbor of yours that was a couple years older than you that you always had a crush on but you never talked to because she looked way out of your league. That was a long sentence - but you get my point.

The Music

The girl can sing. Just listen to her song "Distance" with Jason Mraz. She has a great voice that you will love, and your girlfriend will surely appreciate the break from Pearl Jam on your playlist.

So there you have it. Check out Christina on Twitter, and you can buy her music at Amazon if you want more of her.

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