Every Arnold Schwarzenegger Yell From Every Movie

Every Arnold Schwarzenegger Yell From Every Movie

Arnold Schwarzenegger has always been one of the most imitated celebrities around. Let's be honest, I'm sure every one of you has tried your own (possibly horrible) rendition of "I'll be back" or "Get in da choppa" at least once.

Well now someone has put together an impressive collection of all of the governator's trademark screams and grunts from every one of his movies. Noticeably and mercifully absent are the scenes from his housekeeper project, and the ones from the paying public who sat through his latest atrocity The Last Stand that's in theatres now.

And yes, we watched the entire 7+ minutes of this video before we posted it. After you're done wasting the next seven minutes of your life, make sure you crank your speakers, leave the door to your office open, hit "replay", and head to lunch. We're sure your co-workers will love it.

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