Want To Be An Ice Cream Scooper?


I love America. Does our country have issues? Yep, but we all have issues right? Wrong.

You know who doesn't have issues? The person who taught this ice cream stand employee mathematics and logic. They are riding high on 30 years of tenure and counting down the days to retirement. Look at the sign. I think you need a college degree in accounting to understand how to order. I'm thinking a typical ice cream order goes something like this:

You: Can I have two scoops please?

Scooper: Do you want two scoop scoops of three scoops or do you want two scoops of two scoops which would be six scoops.

You: I want a total of two scoops of ice cream on a waffle cone.

Scooper: Alright, that will be our one scoop special then. I'll only charge you $3.75 for that.

You: That's what it's supposed to be.

Scooper: We like to keep things simple here. No discounts.

Editor's Note: We also could have title this article "How much ice cream could an ice cream scooper scoop, if an ice cream scooper could count scoops."
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