The Raptor Chase: The Most Terrifying Prank Of All-Time

The Raptor Chase: The Most Terrifying Prank Of All-Time

All you need to know about this video is written in the description on the YouTube page:

Korean Text

Alright, we don't speak Korean, but we think it says something like this:

Japanese TV is awesome. And because of Japanese TV, there is no more room for silly pranks. Unless your prank involves the person getting pranked losing control of their bladder, your silly little prank is of no good to the televisions of Japan.

The American version of a dinosaur prank involved parents tricking their small child into thinking that a dinosaur was chasing them, which was more cute than anything. In Japan, they make a grown man think he's being chased by a velociraptor and he is full of abject terror.

Point, Japan.

Check out the video below.

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