The Cheerleading Squad Of The Future Has More Facial Hair

broncos-cheerleader-wrongWith our advertising revenue a little low this quarter, Bro Council's Founder Ray is trying anyway he can to bring in some extra cash to the office. Darn shame he didn't make it, we could have used the ticket hook up next season.

A lot of people decide that they want to be a cheerleader in the NFL. Usually, those dreams are reserved for women. Sacha Heppell is not one of those women. He was the only guy out of more than 200 people who tried out to be a Denver Broncos cheerleader last week.

Despite the fact that he immediately stuck out from the crowd, he didn't make the team. Although he said he will continue practicing so he can make the squad next year.

We usually encourage people to follow their dreams at Bro Council, but this is an exception. Maybe we can suggest a new job for you instead, Sacha. Have you ever thought of working in children's television? We hear there might be a Purple Panda job open.

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Written By Pat


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