The Bro Council Tank Top

The Bro Council Tank Top

Like most good ideas, this one came while wearing a tank top, eating sloppy joe's, and discussing the second amendment. This is where I found myself a few short hours ago as I support my better half in preparation for the Pennsylvania Bar Exam in a few weeks.

If there's one clothing item I can't get enough of, it's a sleeveless shirt. Be it at the gym, lounging around, walking in all forms of weather, working a desk job -- it's the perfect attire. As such, I was wearing a tank top at dinner in my apartment, and we got to talking about the rights granted to us by our founding fathers in the Constitution, including the right to bear arms. That's all well and good, but it pales in comparison to the universal right granted to all men: the right to bare arms - any time, anywhere.

My face lit up as I shared my million dollar idea, only to learn that this product exists to some degree. There goes my yacht.

But you know what, America is a country of innovation. So maybe my dreams will come true in a new way. I give you the first great Bro Council clothing idea -- a simple white tank top that reads:

"Inspired by the 2nd Amendment, Approved by Bro Council"

You're welcome men.

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Written By Matt Truck

Matt Truck

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