Stone Cold E.T. And The Drive Thru

Stone Cold E.T. And The Drive Thru


What happens when you combine the testosterone infused "Stone Cold" Steve Austin from WWE with the lovable and passive alien known as E.T.? Well, if you add in the fact that he's in the mood for some White Castle you get this video.

For those of you who don't know who Steve Austin is, we encourage you to go YouTube some of his antics in WWE or pick up his DVD boxset. Whether or not you like wrestling, it was a fun time to watch the show when he was around.

Although that's not the real "Stone Cold" under the mask, the impression is spot on. Check out the video below, but just know that Stone Cold was from the "Attitude Era" of WWE so there's a few PG-13 words. Don't blare this at work, especially if you're employed at the White Castle drive-thru.

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