Pat's Thursday Madness - Star Wars And More

Pat's Thursday Madness - Star Wars And More

Looking for some articles to kill some time this Thursday? Read up on these. It's the most interesting stuff I could find on the inter-webs throughout the week.

After one too many accidents Ray wears one of these when he goes out at night. But in all seriousness, this is why other countries hate us. They don't have clean water and we are too lazy to pick up poo.

Oh and to those (especially in my neighborhood) who are too lazy to pick up after your pet, get rid of your pet you lazy sacks of brainless meat. Oh, and shoot yourselves!

Link: Magic Poop Collector

Because I haven't been censored in while:

Sometimes you just ... (AND HE'S CENSORED AGAIN)

Link: Man Murders Wife for Breaking His "Star Wars" Toys

Check back for more next week!

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