Panhandler Pranks Entire Subway Car

Panhandler Pranks Entire Subway Car

Have you ever been on a subway and heard this: "Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen..."

Lets be honest, if you've ever been on a subway then you probably have. Usually it's followed by the person (with cup in hand) asking in a monotone voice for change while uncomfortable passengers try to look away or pretend they're asleep. This guy decided to change it up a little bit since 'things are going really well for him right now.'

You see, the guy that started his monotone delivery on the Philadelphia SEPTA wasn't using his cup to ask for change; he had just finished his latte and refuses to litter. And instead of explaining how bad his life is, he talks about how he used to have a job at a financial institution, but now has an even better job at that same financial institution. He got a promotion. He may buy a boat.

Check out the high-fives, the fist bumps, and even a pretty big chest bump the faux panhandler gets instead of change in the video below.

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