Orange Peanut - An NFL Bad Lip Reading Remix

Orange Peanut - An NFL Bad Lip Reading Remix

The fine people at "Bad Lip Reading" are favorites of ours here at Bro Council. From classics like Michael Buble's "Russian Unicorn" to their awesome overdub of the Walking Dead, they are always putting out some quality YouTube material.

Now, they are getting the remix treatment from none other than DJ Steve Porter of Randy Moss "One Clap" fame (among others). So here's the full story of what happened:

  1. Bad Lip Reading edited together actual moments that were caught on film in interviews of some NFL players, and then dubbed a new dialogue over the footage.
  2. The resulting footage was hilarious.
  3. DJ Steve Porter put some time into his craft and added a background beat and remixed the over-dubbed lyrics.

There are several layers here, and the combination could have been a disaster. Lucky for us, it all turned out great and we get to see the full extent of Adrian Peterson's love of orange peanuts.

Check out the remix below:

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