Omegle: Make Fun Of Strangers!


Omegle is chat website that lets you talk strangers anonymously. It randomly sets up users in a one-on-one chat session where you can talk to people under the pseudonyms "You" and "Stranger". The catchphrase is "Talk to strangers!" but I like making fun of strangers more. So here's a chat I just had with a random Omegle user. I think I might start doing this more can't underestimate the power of creepers looking for women on the internet to be funny.

There's also a video chatting mode, but that is probably a place on the internet that no one should ever have to see. I'm sure it's probably more people like this guy, except with no pants on. Alright, on to our first lesson - grammar:


The lessons in this?

  1. If you're telling someone that they are a mean person online or in a text, use "you're" instead of "your".
  2. Dudes online are desperate enough to look up fake Facebook names of other dudes.
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