Mime Punches Heckler (Finally, a Mime We Like)

Mime Punches Heckler (Finally, a Mime We Like)

Mimes are strange and, typically, they are not Bro Council, Approved. While we may never enjoy a mime or any of those "human statue" routines, we would never heckle or antagonize one. After all, they are just another human trying to make a living.

One jerk didn't have the same mentality as us, and decided that he would poke, touch, re-arrange the hat of, and even give a wet-willy to a street performer. Bystanders were telling him to leave the mime alone, but the guy didn't listen.

Watch what happens next:

Yep, a mime punch. Nice work, mime.

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Written By Pat


Pat is our resident comic book guy, news archiver, and is occasionally offensive. We apologize in advance.

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